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Technical Director | Effects

This course will take you from zero to hero with Houdini’s procedural workflow. You will gain confidence and experience in all areas of Houdini’s powerful 3D pipeline including procedural geometry, particles, fluids, dynamics, shading, lighting, and rendering. Our accredited Effects Technical Director course preparing you to work within Effects (FX) departments on high end feature film & episodic visual effects productions.  This program is the first of its kind, unparalleled in the depth of its highly specialized knowledge. 


Technical Director | Compositing

Compositing is a vital part of the process in creating visual effects (VFX) for movies, TV, and animated productions. The Compositor combines elements filmed during production with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) created by other artists to blend them together seamlessly. The Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Course offered only at ARTALINTA is specifically designed and continuously updated to provide students with a broad variety of real-world compositing tasks to sharpen and prove their skills.


Technical Director | Creature FX

Creature FX is the discipline of creating simulations of cloth, hair, skin and muscles on creatures and digi-doubles. This course will develop your skillset and understanding of creating high-quality fur and vellum cloth simulations in Houdini. Our Creature TD course aims to boost your creative and technical skills to a professional VFX standard.


Technical Director | Pipeline

Pipeline TD course is designed to build various pipeline tools using a variety of software. You will learn how to manage Python modules with the virtual environment and PIP and you'll learn how build a database system from scratch so that you can save our project information inside it. You will also see how to use code management so that you can track what is being done and collaborate with other people. You will also see how to use Dropbox and network repositories to share tools with artists.


Technical Director | Unreal Engine

This course introduces the games development and elements of software engineering of games. The includes a review of games development approaches and their applications. We will concern on three main topics: the determining and modelling of a game user, software engineering of games for modern platforms, and game development and programming.


Technical Director | Lighting

We offer Lighting TD course that prepares future digital artists for the trade of Digital Lighting for animation, television and feature film quality visual effects production. The lighting TD is responsible for illuminating all CG assets, characters, and/or environments for live action visual effects and or animated projects. Tasks can range between the more technical matching of light from filmed backgrounds through to the more creative mood enhancing styles of animated content, writing shaders and create HDA assets for other artists. 


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